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    It is my pleasure to come alongside you to find natural solutions for everyday health! My goal is to help you feel at ease, prepared and confident on how to use essential oils and other natural products safely around every member of the family – children and pets included!


    The essential oils I recommend are dōTERRA® Essential Oils because they are:

    • All-natural and verified 100% pure
    • Safe for kids and pets
    • Affordable at just pennies per use
    • Doctor recommended and supported by groundbreaking medical research

    Whether you are wanting to use essential oils for relaxation, personal hygiene, household cleaning, cooking or supporting healthy bodies rest assured, you will be in capable and caring hands when ordering through me.


    If you are new to essential oils and would like a complimentary consultation you may request one below. During the 30-min session you'll have an opportunity to ask your questions in a one-on-one setting and receive safe usage recommendations. Of course you don't have to buy anything, but if you do find something you want I can help you order. Looking forward to connecting with you!

  • Monthly Specials

    Product of the Month

    Summer Savory 5 mL

    Summer Savory is a highly aromatic herb that contains powerful antioxidant properties and promotes cellular health.*
    • Take internally to maintain the health of your immune, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, and musculoskeletal systems*
    • Take a drop after a large meal to support digestion*
    • Use to add flavor to meat marinades
    Get Summer Savory 5 mL FREE with any 125 PV Loyalty Rewards Order between June 1 - 15.

    10% Off Special

    dōTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate

    Want a safe, natural, effective product to clean your home? dōTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate is a non-toxic, biodegradable formula that includes a powerful protective blend of essential oils.

    • Clean stubborn surface stains in the kitchen and bathroom without harmful chemicals
    • Ditch your toxic cleaners and make your cleaning cabinet family safe
    • Protect against environmental factors
    Get dōTERRA's On Guard Cleaner Concentrate 15% off June 1 - 30.

    200 PV Promotion

    FREE AromaTouch, PastTense and dōTERRA Balance


    Maximize your order this month! When you place a 200 PV order you’ll get some of our favorite stress-relieving blends FREE.
    • AromaTouch
      Ease away stress, frustration, and tension with six powerfully relaxing essential oils.
    • PastTense
      Keep stressful feelings at bay, calm head and neck tension, and promote relaxation with this cooling blend.
    • doTERRA Balance
      Combat anxious feelings, bring calm and tranquility to your day, and balance your emotions with our most grounding blend.
    Earn FREE AromaTouch, PastTense and dōTERRA Balance by placing any 200 PV order June 1 - 30. 

    Father's Day Kit

    Aroma Clip Diffuser With Island Mint Blend 15 mL ​

    This Spring, escape to a tropical oasis in the comfort of your home, or wherever you may be, with Island Mint and the doTERRA Aroma Touch Clip Diffuser. Relaxing to the emotions yet invigorating to the body, when you’re looking for some balance and a sense of energy, turn to Island Mint.

    How to use Island Mint:

    • Diffuse throughout the day when in need of an uplifting boost. 
    • Use as a boost for alertness on long road trips or mid-day to help promote feeling of focus.
    Available while supplies last!

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